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Indestrucable™ - Lightning To USB

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✅ Ultra-Fast Charging

✅ Unique 90° Design

✅ Lifetime Warranty


The last cable you'll ever buy

The Indestrucable™ is designed to never break. Normal cables break due to their weak design. The Indestrucable™ has a unique 90° design that prevents it from getting in the way when charging.



  • Nylon-braided
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and AirPods
  • Does not break
  • Charge up to 2.4x faster
  • Green led indicator
Indestrucable™ - Lightning To USB

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Aletha Pfannerstill

I have purchased MANY charging cables over the years that are "Apple certified". Some work with my iPhone but not my iPad Pro, sometimes they work but then I get a message saying they're not supported. When I do get one that works, they always fray at the end because I use my iPad so much I need to keep it plugged in (Candy Crush is quite a drain on the battery!) . I had tried the little caps that clip over the end, Sugru, and of course duct tape. Nothing stops them from fraying. I have tried the wrapped cords, I have never found one that worked with my iPad consistently. I saw this and was intrigued by the right angle. It is wrapped, so I didn't have much hope but decided to give it a try. Total game changer! This works perfectly, the right angle is simply genius. It never gets in my way or bends, so I know this one will last. I am so happy I finally found a solution to all my charging cable issues!

Craig Koss

I bought this charging cable because I use my iPad in bed a lot while it's charging and I was afraid due to the angle that my charge would break. When I saw this I thought that's exactly what I need but I have bought other charges that are long and returned them because they didn't last more than a day or so. Well, so far this charger is working great on both my iPad and my iPhone. I feel comfortable that I won't break the end of the charger because of the 90-degree angle. So far, so good. Let's see what happens in a month from now.

Thomas Feest

Indestrucable™ - Lightning To USB

Paul Kutch

Great cable

Cornelius Lebsack

I bought one of these about 1.5 years ago and it is really good, I still use it today and it’s in brand new condition, durability is very good. I ordered 2 more for my parents. This is the only company you should buy cables from!!!!

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